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Storage Trailer Rental

Premium Storage Trailer Rental Solutions in Ontario

Dry Van For Rent

Perfect for transporting consumer goods, clothing, electronics, and more. Dry Van Trailers provide protection against weather, ensuring your products remain in pristine condition.

Reefer For Rent

For businesses that need to move perishable goods like food, medicines, and other temperature-sensitive items. Maintain your products at the desired temperature throughout the journey.

Flatbed For Rent

Best suited for transporting heavy machinery, large equipment, and other oversized items. The open design allows for easy loading and unloading.


Dry Van Trailers offer spacious, secure storage solutions suitable for various items. Whether you’re looking to store furniture during a business renovation or need a safe place for your equipment during an event, these trailers are up to the task.

Reefer Trailers

These trailers provide a controlled environment, perfect for items that need specific temperature settings. From perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals, our temperature-controlled trailers ensure optimal conditions at all times.

Cargo Trailers (Shipping Containers)

Perfectly engineered for diverse storage needs, our cargo trailers, commonly referred to as shipping containers, offer a standardized solution for a variety of items. Whether it’s  large quantities of goods, or materials that need added protection, these containers provide a robust and secure environment.

Transform Your Storage Strategy with Wesco’s Premium Storage Trailers

Since our inception in 1994, Wesco has been a family-run leader in storage trailer rentals, providing not just space but a partnership to enhance your storage capabilities. Our commitment to businesses of all sizes, from emerging startups to large corporations, reflects in our bespoke fleet of storage trailers.

Our Transparent Rental Process

Transparency is embedded in Wesco’s DNA. When you opt for a Storage Trailer Rental with us, here’s what to expect

Our rental process includes


Starting off with a detailed discussion, our experienced team delves into your storage needs. Whether you’re googling “Rent a Storage Trailer near me” or “Cargo Trailer for Rent in Western Ontario”, our team ensures we match you with the right solution every time.


Having grasped your storage requirements, we lead you through our extensive lineup of trailers for storage. Every unit is kept in pristine condition, ensuring you receive a storage solution that’s ready to safeguard your assets

Rental Agreement

When you’re set with your choice, we detail the rental agreement for you. In line with our transparency policy, we ensure you’re clear on every stipulation. No hidden costs, no tricky wording—simply a clear pact emphasizing our ethos of clarity.

Timely Delivery

Timeliness isn’t just a promise—it’s our way of life. Once an agreement is in place, our team guarantees the delivery of your storage trailer to your preferred location, be it “Storage Trailer Rental in the Greater Toronto Area” or any other location within our service areas. For self pick-ups, we ensure the trailers are ready before the promised time.

Key Benefits of Partnering with Wesco for Storage Trailer Rentals

Exceptional Service

Experience the Wesco difference, where every interaction is smooth, efficient, and customer-centric

Competitive Pricing

Say goodbye to unfair prices and hidden costs, and hello to fair, upfront and competitive pricing.


With strategic locations and flexible timings, access your storage trailer whenever the need arises

Varied Options

Our broad spectrum of trailers ensures we have just the right fit for your unique needs.

Safety First

Rigorous inspections guarantee that every trailer is in its best form

Prompt Service

We respect your time, ensuring the equipment is ready for our clients before the promised time

Why Wesco Should Be Your First Choice for Storage Trailer Needs?

Where Personal Connection Meets Industry Excellence

At Wesco Trailers, we believe in more than just business transactions; we believe in forming lasting partnerships.

Our dedication to you goes beyond providing quality trailers; it’s about understanding your unique journey, aspirations, and challenges. With Wesco, you’re not just another client; you’re a valued member of our community. Trust in our decades-long expertise, and let’s move forward together, elevating your dreams with every mile.

Uncompromised Quality

Every storage trailer is a mark of industry-leading quality.

tailored Solutions

We recognize the distinct needs of every business and craft solution to match.

Building Trust

For Wesco, every storage trailer rental is a step towards a lasting bond.

Local Expertise

Having served Western Ontario for years, we're tuned into the region's unique storage needs and challenges.

Hear From Our Valued Partners

Voices of Trust: Our Clients Speak

Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with Wesco

Delving deeper into the world of Wesco Trailers?

In need of a top-tier Cargo Trailer for Rent or exploring Trailers for Storage options? Wesco is poised to assist. As Western Ontario’s leading name in Storage Trailer Rental, we’re here to guide, support, and cater to your every storage need

Begin by gauging the kind and volume of items you wish to store. For temperature-sensitive items, our temperature-controlled trailers are ideal. For generic storage needs, our standard storage trailers might suffice. Regardless, our team is here to assist you in making the best decision.

At Wesco, transparency is a cornerstone of our service. Our rental agreements are straightforward with NO concealed costs. The price we quote is the complete price you’ll pay. Should there be any potential additional fees under certain circumstances, these will be clearly communicated upfront. Trust is fundamental to our client relationships, and we ensure it’s maintained in every transaction.

Yes, our rental terms are flexible to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you require a trailer for a day, a week, a month, or even longer, we can provide a tailored rental solution. Our aim is to align with your schedule and storage requirements seamlessly.

Wesco is committed to the highest standards of safety and quality. Each trailer in our fleet undergoes stringent maintenance and safety inspections regularly to ensure they are in peak condition. We focus on everything from structural integrity to functional reliability, guaranteeing that the trailer you rent is secure, safe, and ready for your storage needs.

Yes, we pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing and exceptional value. If you find a lower price for a comparable storage trailer and service from another provider, please inform us. We endeavor to match or beat any market rate, ensuring you always receive the best value for your investment.

Absolutely! We recognize that every business has distinct storage requirements. Customization is at the heart of our services, be it adjusting the rental period, choosing specific trailer types, or negotiating volume discounts for extensive or long-term rentals. We’re here to craft a rental solution that perfectly fits your business needs.

Regions We Operate In

Serving key locales from Windsor, through Ingersoll, to the GTA to Peterborough, Wesco stands as Ontario’s trusted trailer ally. Quality solutions, always within your reach as we deliver anywhere in Ontario.


Rent Storage or Highway Trailer for 3 months and get 1 month rent free!

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